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7x Edison Award Winner

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500+ albums to date

Zlaya Loud

7x Edison Award Winning Engineer
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If you're looking to mix or master your track, Zlaya is one of the best in the industry.

Working as a producer, mixing, mastering and recording engineer for over 30 years, Zlaya has collaborated with musicians and filmmakers from all corners of the globe and has over 500 albums to his name to date.

Known for his unorthodox approach, Zlaya’s signature sound is a considered conflict of craft, precision and minimalism that is often played against an unconventional note. His experimental yet traditional approach to production results in a harmonious contradiction and a contemporary yet timeless feel. The passion for analogue, vintage equipment, handcrafted machinery and the latest digital technology has resulted in an esoteric collection of some of the finest processors available.

Working between London and Amsterdam, Zlaya began a 360-degree collaboration with prominent independent label Konkurrent which led to the critically acclaimed series of albums In The Fishtank. After a short period he established a state-of-the-art mastering and mixing facility, aptly named ‘LOUD!’, which he ran from the famous Studio 150.

Recent years have seen him working in NYC and LA on film post-production and delivering spatial audio productions for VR. This led to an in-depth investigation into spatial recording and mixing techniques.

Connecting sound to emotion is at the centre of Zlaya’s production values. His insight into the entire process, from initial conception to final master, enables him to help clear the way for a unique vision for each and every project.

You can book Zlaya to mix or master your track today, from €39.

Available Instruments

World-class selection of consoles, EQ, synths, pedals and monitoring.

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ATC SCM 150 ASL + Towersonic

B&W 808 Matrix

1x Bryston 14BSST

2x Bryston 3BSST

ATC SCM 25a + Towersonic

NS10 (Quad 33)

Tannoy Broadcast Monitor 8

Adam S3A

Crane Song Avocet


Vacuvox U23M x 3

Focusrite 130 (original)

Crane Song STC-8M Class A

Crane Song STC-8H Class A

Audio Design Recording ADR F760-RS

Vertigo VSC-2 Dual Compressor

Tubetech SCM2B

ADT U796/M2 Class A

Chiswick Reach Vari-Mu

Manley ELOP Electro-Opt

EMT 156 PDM Diode

Empirical Labs Distressor x2

Tubetech CL1B

Urei LA4 x2

Joe Meek SC2 x 2

Neumann U473 x2

NTP 179-400 racked x2

SPL De Esser

Aphex Compellor


Manley Backbone

Studer 269 14-4

EMT MM100 30-8-2

Neumann V475-2

Neumann W444 x 24

Crane Song Egret x3

Crane Song Spider


Metric Halo ULN8 x2

Metric Halo LIO x3

Weiss ADC2-Mll


Crane Song Egret x24

Crane Song Spider

TC M6000 3x AD/DA

Digidesign 192HD x 2


Studer A80 MKll 1/2”

Pro-Tools 12 HD

Soundblade HD, SE, LE

Ableton 10 Suite


ADT W794 Mastering Harmonic Distortion

Thermionic Culture V

OTO Biscuit x2

Sherman Filterbank2


DECCA Passive EQ x 2

ADTW796 Mastering EQ Class A

ADT W731 Mastering M/S EQ Class A

ADT W795 Niveau Filter Class A

Crane Song IBIS

Focusrite ISA 110 x 9 - 85110 (original)

Neumann PEV Germanium

Siemens W295 Sitral x2

Siemens HP + LP x4 Sitral

Neumann W495stb

EAB Gaeling x 2

Teldec Passive EQ


Bricasti M7 + M10-remote

Lexicon 224XL +LARC

TC Electronic M6000

Eventide H3000

TC Electronic 2290

Orban Spring Reverb


OTO BAM Reverb

Ensoniq DP4

Roland Flanger SBF325

Korg SDE3000

Mooger Fooger x6

Roland RE501

Evans Echopet

Eventide H9 Max

Yamaha SPX 900

EQ cont.

Manley Massive Passive

Telefunken Passive Stereo

Telefunken 395 x1

Telefunken W95c x3

Telefunken W695 x2

Eckmiller Passive x2

Neumann W491 x2

Filtek MK3 x 2

Tubetech PE1C


Focusrite ISA110 85110

Telefunken V72a x2

Siemens 276a x2

Studer 269 x14

Crane Song Spider x8

Radial JDV class A DI

Radial X-AMP

Little Labs Red Eye


U87 vintage

AKG C61 Omni Tube x 2

Schoeps Mini CMIT x2

Coles 4038 matched pair

Sony C38b x3


Senheiser MD 421 x 3

Crown PZM x2

Telefunken D19c x2

Uher M534 x 4

Audix OM6

Beyerdynamic 201

Shure SM7B x2

Shure SM57 x 6

AKG C451

Line Audio CM3 x2

Audix D6

Shure Beta 91

Aquarian Audio H2A Hydrophone

Shepardtone Equipment 2020


Arp Odyssey MkII (Model 2812)

Arp Axxe

Sequential Circuits Pro 1

EDP Wasp

PsyCo X Syncussion SY-1M

miniKorg 700

Korg MS20 x 2

Eurorack Modular x 3

Doepfer Dark Time

Doepfer Dark Energy I

Oberheim Matrix 1000

Crumar Performer

Yamaha DX7s + Hypersynth 702 card

Roland JX-3P + PG-200 programmer

Elektron Octatrack

Elektron Machine Drum x 2

Mutable Instruments Ambika

Novation SL MKIII

Kenton Pro 2000


Modal Skulpt

Erebus Dreadbox

Hammond XK1


Death By Audio - Echo Dream 2

Death By Audio - Interstellar Overdriver

Death By Audio Echo Master

Devi Ever Bass Fuzz

Moogerfooger Analog Delay 104Z

Moogerfooger CP251

Moogerfooger Murf

Moogerfooger Ring Mod

Moogerfooger FreqBox

Moogerfooger LowPass Filter

Eventide H9 Max

Empress - Supradelay

Z-Vex - Fuzz Factory

ProCo RAT x2

Pigtronix Key Master x 2

Pigtronix Echolution

Pigtronix Tremvelope

Pigtronix Attack Sustain

Pigtronix Gatekeeper

Boss PS-3

Boss DD-3

Electroharmonix Memory Boy

Electro-Harmonix - Big Muff

Mooer ShimVerb


DOD Resistance Mixer

Sample tracks

Dan Tuffy - No Sleep
Benjamin Herman - Laylac Wine
Francien - Detour
New Cool Collective - Black Gardenia
Stoner - The Anteroom
The Gathering - Golden Grounds


Sonic Youth
The Ploctones
The Gathering - Black Light District
Reinier Baas
Gideon Gelder
Benjamin Herman - Live
Daan Kleijn - Passages
New Cool Collective
Abbie Chiquita Cardwell
Michael Baird - Logo Rhythms

Zlaya Loud

7x Edison Award Winning Engineer
Book Zlaya to mix or master your track.
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Starting at


“Zlaya is in a league completely of his own when it comes to mixing and mastering. 30 years ago I was lucky enough to get to work with legendary Australian producer Tony Cohen (responsible for the sound of Birthday Party and Nick Cave). Tony was, to me, such a genius that everyone I worked with after him felt like a compromise; that is until I met Zlaya. I have been working with Zlaya since 2010 and I am constantly awestruck by the depth and emotional tension of his mixes. His love of great analogue gear and the way he weaves analogue, digital and all manner of electronic elements into his mixes blows me away. After the mix, his approach to mastering is so sensitive to what's in the recordings just amazes me. People of his calibre are few and far between. In fact there really aren't that many of them around. I feel lucky to be working with him.”

Dan Tuffy

“Zlaya has an uncanny ability to recognise and enhance the most important elements of any track. His style is bold but nuanced, I’ve learnt to always trust his judgement. Working with Zlaya is strange... he always manages to teach me something about my own music.”

Owen Pratt

“Very happy. Not sure how you did it but you made it happen. Thank you for everything. Amazing work! Never want to work with anyone else.”

Brandon, Walker Landing


Zlaya Loud

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One of our Executive Producers will then contact you with next steps, within 3 business days. Based on the length and complexity of your piece, we will advise on the adequate recording length for you to book.

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Complete our short enquiry form by following the link below. One of our Executive Producers will then contact you with next steps, within 3 business days.
Based on the length and complexity of your piece, we will advise on the adequate recording length for you to book.

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Questions about booking your first session?

Our Executive Producers are here to walk you through the process.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the process for booking an orchestra?

1. First, browse and choose an orchestra that matches your preferences and budget; we have orchestras ranging from 12 to 51 players and prices starting from €199.

2. Next, you’ll need to fill out a quick form by clicking the “Book Now” button. Here, we’ll ask for you to tell us a bit about your piece of music, how far along in your composition you are, whether you’re able to write the scores yourself or need our help and which month you’d ideally like to record. We recommend that you aim to choose a recording date at least 1 month into the future, since the scoring and preparation process does require some time.

Once you’ve submitted the form, one of our executive producers will be in touch with you within 3 business days.

3. Our executive producer will provide you with specific recording date options and recommend a length to book based on the length and complexity of your piece. They will also provide you with additional options like score arrangement, mixing/mastering and 4K video recordings of the session.

4. Now that we have your track information and booking confirmation, you can simply sit back and wait for your recording date to come around! If you’ve requested scoring, we’ll get to work and ensure everything is ready well ahead of your session. We request that you leave enough time

5. A few days before your session we will send you two links: one for audio, and another for video. The audio link opens in your browser, and it’s a direct feed from the recording desk, in high-quality. The video link is a Zoom conference call, where you can see the orchestra and communicate directly with the producer, conductor and musicians. We request you click the links a few minutes before the session so that you’re ready to begin on time.

How much do the recording sessions cost?

Each orchestra and their prices are different. You can find the starting prices for each orchestra on the website, and if you click on the orchestra profiles you’ll be able to find more information - including rough guidelines for how much recording sessions cost depending on the length of your music.

More specifically, our most affordable option is the Budapest Strings, which start at €199 for recording 1 minute of music, in a 12-minute session length. Our most expensive offering is the London Strings, starting at €599, which includes some of the best players in the industry.

Once you’ve filled out the initial booking form, we’ll get back to you with a more specific quote, based on the orchestra you’ve chosen and the length and complexity of your piece.

What does the cost of the session include?

The orchestral recording session cost includes:

  1. Score revision by our in-house conductor. A detailed review of your score will be completed before the recording. Changes to the score may be requested;
  2. Organizing and printing;
  3. Full dedication of the studio time and its staff. This includes engineers, producers and general staff;
  4. Musicians;
  5. Conductor;
  6. Recording: Pro Tools multi-track recording with multiple microphones - Decca Tree, wide ambiances, and close mics.
  7. Live-streaming: you will be able to join the recording in real-time HQ audio and video conferencing;
  8. Delivery: the entire Pro Tools session, with all the recorded takes in WAV format;
  9. Files handling and overall management by our production team;

The orchestral recording session cost does not include:

  1. Scoring, i.e. putting your music into music sheets/ scores from scratch, for the musicians and conductor to play your music. This service is available at cost.
  2. Editing, mixing or mastering. These services are also available at cost.
Your prices are so affordable, are the musicians being paid fairly?

Yes. Everyone we work with, from musicians and engineers to producers and orchestras, are being paid fairly for their work. It’s our shared session model that makes prices affordable. Everyone gets paid at their usual rate, but you only pay for what you need.

I need help writing my scores. Do you have a transcription service? What about orchestration for my music?

Yes, our arrangers do detailed transcriptions so you can record your music with live orchestras. The cost of this service will vary depending on the instrumentation and length of the piece. We’ll ask for these details in the initial booking form, so that we can move forward and also let you know how much that would cost.

Do the musicians prepare the session beforehand? Is rehearsal time included?

Our shared recording sessions are sight-reading sessions, and we only work with musicians and orchestras that are skilled in this type of service. If your music is written and scored well, as well as being idiomatic, our orchestras will be able to play them and still allow for time to repeat certain passages.

How is time used in an orchestral session?

If you decide to remotely attend the session, you’ll be able to direct it as you please. Depending on the complexity of your piece, the conductor or producer may suggest recording full takes or breaking it into smaller parts, in order to obtain better and faster results. Our producers will make sure that your entire piece is recorded. Our proposed session lengths are estimates, so if your session length does not match the time required to adequately record your piece, we have a number of provisions in place, as outlined in Point 21 our Terms of Use.

Is it possible to attend the session in person? Can I conduct the orchestra recording my piece?

We encourage composers to attend their sessions as it’s a unique and amazing experience! And we also allow experienced conductors to conduct their sessions.

For both attending and conducting your sessions, we require a minimum of a 1-hour-long session. Please let us know in advance if you plan to attend, so that we can plan your visit accordingly.

Is it possible to communicate with someone during the session?

Yes. You can provide live feedback on the session and let us know of any adjustments you wish to make. For this to happen, we host a Zoom conference call, where you can see the orchestra and communicate directly with the producer, conductor and musicians.

What is the tuning of the orchestras and what sample rate do you record at?


We record at 48kHz/24bit. Please make sure that your DAW's session is set at the correct sample rate for playback. Let us know if you need any help with this.

Can the orchestra record with a click track or other pre-recorded audio tracks?

Yes, each musician has a pair of headphones to play over click tracks or pre-recorded audio tracks (tuned to A=440Hz). You can send these with your scores. We can also record with no click if that works best for your music.

What files do I receive? Will you send separate audio files from the recording session?

We send all the audio files, as well as the Pro Tools session folder, reviewed by our in-house engineer to make sure everything looks perfect with all the takes we did of your piece. We send the files in WAV format recorded at 48KHz/24bit.

If you prefer, you can order our post-production service, and we will edit, mix and master your track to be ready for all sorts of distribution (CD, digital, etc). We send you three final versions: WAV at 48k/24bit; WAV at 44k/16bit; and MP3 at 320kbps. We’ll share these booking links with you once you’ve completed the initial booking form.

What is the delivery time for files after the session is recorded?

After the recording session we run a quality control on every session file. Only after then will we send the audio files and Pro Tools session to your email. This will be no later than 3 business days after the recording session (considering local bank holidays).

Do I keep audio rights ownership of my piece? Are the recordings free for commercial audio usage? What about synchronization to film?

Yes, you keep ownership of all your rights. Both copyright and recording rights are yours perpetually and worldwide. All musiversal recordings are 100% buyouts.

You have permission to use the recordings delivered by musiversal for commercial purposes without paying additional fees or royalties.

The recordings delivered by musiversal are also cleared for syncing with images except for the recording sessions which are held in the UK territory, which are cleared for audio commercial release only. If you wish to use the music you recorded in London for image-syncing please get in touch with us at

What’s the cancellation policy?

For orchestral bookings we offer a full refund on cancellations up to 30 days prior to the scheduled recording session. In case you request to cancel fewer than 30 days prior to the scheduled recording, we offer a voucher equaling the value of the scheduled recording session.