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Keely Denham



My name is Keely Denham, I’m a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. After travelling around Europe and the UK I have resided in Porto, Portugal, where I am completing my next EP.
In 2014 I finished my bachelors’ degree in Music and began my quest for a career in the Music industry, not something that is very easy to do especially in Australia. After a few years trying to put out a self-funded EP to break into the industry, I began to realise that maybe my dream was not going to happen in Australia. So, I left Australia, with my wife (who is also my manager) and set out to Europe to find our place for work and life, we travelled 10 countries and 60 cities, street performing to get to the next destination. We finally found our place in Porto, Portugal, where we found friends and colleagues that matched our dreams and energy.

At this point I still had many songs in my pocket that I never felt were expressed properly through recording, so we decided to record a new EP with these old songs, and with the amazing dedication and love of the team, Nicolle Maia, Rita Senhor, Martina Alves and Louise Kanefuku we set out to make something that looked, sounded and felt good to be a part of. This brings me to my single ‘Leaves’ which was released on March 29th of this year, it was a year long process with Rita and Nicolle that pushed us a lot which also brought us to be able to work with the company Musiversal.
This was an unexpected dream that the orchestra created such a depth to the song that it seems unfinished without it, and in turn, without their service, it wouldn’t have been possible. This single was just the beginning of bigger projects to come throughout this year and as our team grows I’m very excited to continue to share what we can create together.

This was an unexpected dream that the orchestra created such a depth to the song...


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From busking in some of the busiest streets in the world to recording her piece in one of the best recording studios in London with Musiversal, Keely is one to keep an eye out for.
- Musiversal Team

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