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David Warin Solomons Nov 5, 2019

Prague Strings are brilliant performers who clearly enjoy the pieces that they are called upon to interpret. The company Musiversal provides a great service for both audio and video mixing. Many thanks to all concerned. 

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12 String union players recording your music starting at €299
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T. R. Josset Nov 4, 2018

The session was everything I had hoped for and more! Everybody did a great job and I'm really enjoying working with the files now for my upcoming project. 

R. Purcell Nov 11, 2018

Wow - just had a listen to the recordings. I didn’t realize you guys provided so many individual tracks. Thank you! Your team actually gave me much more than I expected, and I will absolutely be back for more recordings in the future!

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James Bohn Nov 12, 2018

I think the recording session went well. For the cost and the time involved, I think it is a great value. While none of my students have taken me up on it to date, I always recommend it to them. I hope to start purchasing sessions every time it comes around.

Thomas Brazier Nov 12, 2018

Overall the session went smoothly and Andre was attentive to my suggestions on which parts of the score needed rehearsing. I think it's important to have a recording that is listenable. It was a great experience and I hope to record more music with your orchestra in the future! I give it 4 stars. If I could heard it in the studio instead of booth would have been 5.

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A 54-piece orchestra recording your music starting at €338
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Bryan Atkinson Nov 23, 2018

It was my first time working with the 99 Orchestra. I was a little skeptical at first, because what could I really accomplish with 7 minutes of rehearsal time? Therefore, I opted for the "union-player" option. I am pleased to say they met and even exceeded my expectations. The customer service and communication from the staff was also on-point!

David Nielsen Nov 23, 2018

The team at Musiverse was great in helping to facilitate the full day basic recording session with the 30 piece orchestra.  The recording session went vey well, and I was happy to be recording in a world class recording studio at Atlantic Blue studios.  For the quality of music recorded and the price, I would highly recommend to other composers to book a full day session with the Musiverse.  


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