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What you can achieve in a 7 minute orchestra recording session

“Only 7 minutes?” many people ask when they see our minimum session time available to book. “What can you possibly achieve in 7 minutes?”

7 minutes is quite a long time in music. Think about your favorite songs - not many will run for that long. And the songs that do? Well, they can certainly feel pretty long.

Of course, many people are used to recording sessions going much longer so it is understandable that there is some confusion. Some of the misunderstandings seem to arise from the assumption that we are only booking musicians for 7 minutes. We would, of course, never force musicians to come into a studio for a single 7 minute session!

“So how do you offer 7 minute recording sessions then?” you might ask.

The answer is our innovative remote shared recording sessions. This works by dividing our recording sessions into time slots. 7 minutes is the minimum time that we offer, but if you require more time you can book for as long as you need. This way many composers can record their music during any given recording session. And, as it is all remote, you can book a session from anywhere in the world and watch it all via live stream.

Everything in the studio will be ready to go well before your time starts and the musicians will all be in the studio ready to go. So you don’t need to worry about waiting for people to arrive, musicians to tune their instruments or anything else that could typically cause delays in a studio session. From the moment that your time starts, everything will be set in place to start recording your music.

We also receive many questions about how it is possible to record something in such a short time frame without a rehearsal. All the musicians we use are professional, highly skilled, and capable of sight-reading scores. Of course, there are limits to how long a piece can be and how complex it can be for it to not have to be rehearsed many times. However, any score we receive for a booking is assessed by our conductor and producers to ensure that we will be able to create an excellent recording within the time frame.

They will check the length of a piece - for a 7 minute session, we recommend that pieces are no longer than 1.5 minutes. Considering that, a typical session may look like this:

  • 0-0.5 minutes: Orchestra and conductor check score, opportunity for the client to provide any final instructions

  • 0.5-2 minutes: first take of your piece

  • 2-3 minutes: opportunity for the client to say if they want any changes made, time for the conductor to talk to musicians

  • 3-4.5 minutes: second take

  • 4.5-5.5 minutes: time for any final adjustments to be made

  • 5.5-7 minutes: final take of the piece

“This is all well and good but do you have any examples of recordings made in 7 minutes?” you say. We certainly do! In this article there are two pieces by up and coming composer Amadeus Pakmur that we recorded in 7 minutes with our Prague strings orchestra. As you can hear, the composition and performance are both outstanding.

Of course, unless it is super simple, you would struggle to record a full song in a 7 minute session. However, there are countless uses for a 1.5 minute piece of music. Perhaps you are composing music for a short ad, or just want something for a showreel to show off your composition skills, or maybe you need some real strings to add to a song. A 7 minute session is perfect for any of these uses.

As you can see, you can achieve some amazing results in our minimum session time. It is an extremely affordable way to record music whether you are an up and coming composer using it to gain experience with an orchestra or an expert composer who needs a short piece of music. If you do have a longer piece to record then you can book for as long as you need. So what are you waiting for? Book a session with Musiversal today!

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