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How Musiversal works: our services

So you’ve seen the ads, found us online, discovered our social media or read about how we’re changing the way people make music. But maybe you’re still wondering exactly what services we offer? Is Musiversal for you and if so, what can we do for you?

Who Musiversal is for

Musiversal is for musicians or anyone who is in the music industry. Musiversal is for anyone who needs a piece of orchestral music for a project they are working on. You could be a composer, songwriter, music producer or filmmaker. You could be writing an orchestral piece, pop song, movie or video game soundtrack. We cater to everyone from students and beginners to experienced composers, businesses and production studios. Basically, if you are someone who wants real orchestral musicians for your piece of music or project then Musiversal is for you.

What services does Musiversal offer?

At its core, Musiversal is a platform that allows you to remotely book a professional studio recording session with an orchestra. We currently have orchestras available in three different locations: London, Prague, and Lisbon.

You can book an orchestra for a certain amount of time on a certain day. You then send us the score for the orchestra to play and any other parts that will help the orchestra play your composition.

One of the best parts about what we offer is on the day of recording you can watch real musicians playing your music live on the web. You can also chat with us in real-time to make any adjustments or changes on the go. Thanks to this, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can book a recording session with us.

What makes Musiversal unique, as well as incredibly affordable when compared to other similar services, is our shared recording sessions model. The way this works is we book a longer recording session which we then divide into shorter slots that you can book.

With this model many customers can record their music in the one recording session, sharing all the costs. This means that the musicians and studios get paid at their usual rate, but you as the user only pay for what you need

Additional services we offer - transcription and video

We realize that not everyone in the music industry who wants an orchestra on their track is an expert in music theory and transcription. This is why we offer a transcription and arrangement service. If you send us a mock-up, MIDI files or a recording of a piece of music you have created we can transcribe it for you so it can be played by our orchestra.

Are you planning to make a video clip for your song? Or perhaps you just want a record of the session to keep for yourself? In some of our orchestra recordings, we offer you the option to purchase a video of the session for you to use however you wish!

Looking to the future

Our mission is to make access to remote studio recording as easy and affordable as possible. For now we only offer orchestral recordings. However, we know people want much more than just orchestras for their tracks - and we want to offer it to you. Lookout in the future for solo musician sessions and much, much more!

Check out the rest of our blog posts about how Musiversal works for more info!

If you have any other questions please take a look at our FAQs, or get in touch with us via email, social media or chat on our website.


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