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How to orchestrate for strings

There is nothing that sounds better than a warm velvety string section.

Here are some quick tips to improve your string orchestration chops massively.

1. Keep it simple rhythmically The simpler your score is, the more the musicians will focus on sound / timber and the better the music will sound. When you leave you ear some time to enjoy the music you’ll start hearing a lot of beautiful details that actually make the music delightfully simple yet complex and rich sounding.

2. Harmony Strings are perfect to play out harmonies. Sometimes composers use strings for melody and forget that they can be beautiful harmonic instruments when used as a section. You don’t even need to write very complicated harmonies to make your music sound very rich. Even major and minor chords will sound amazing if used well.

3. No divisi please! It’s a common misconception that to make your string section sound full you should have a lot of different parts doing different stuff. The reality is that the more divisis you make the thinner your sound will be and you’ll actually end up with a really poor sounding piece. Keeping one note per instrument group (violin 1, violin 2 etc...) will make your sound larger and lush.

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