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Is artificial intelligence going to make human composers extinct?

Artificial intelligence has been all the rage in the news lately and has some music creators freaking out about the future. The fear that technologically miraculous algorithms are here to stay and will replace a majority of music composers is real. You probably heard of AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist). It is quite impressive. Especially in a world where A.I. is still not much more than a pattern-recognition based deep learning algorithm. Are music composers going to go extinct? It should be on your top five things to worry about. Or not.

It's not that difficult to be better than an A.I. composer. An A.I. composer would never be able to "imagine" a piece from beginning to end. It might be able to do a montage of bits and pieces of different audio content to create a musical piece, but let's face it, your clients and your fans aren't paying to listen to an unoriginal, functional piece of background music. Your clients and fans love you because of your capacity to build their vision musically. That means listening to them and understanding them, almost like a psychologist. To understand emotion and allow to immerse themselves in the music you create is something a machine cannot replicate.

Another way of beating the hell out of A.I. generated music is to do the opposite. Have humans play a larger role in your music composition and production. The most exciting, precious and glorious things about music are in the minute details. A great composition idea that you had. That unforgettable performance you gave. The pianist who transforms your simple harmonies into crystalline harmonies and voicing. The organic, analogue quality of a human produced recording stirs something deeper than the perfection of a purely digitally generated piece of work.

At Musiversal, we are committed to empowering music creators. While technological innovations, like A.I. generated music, are great, we believe there is so much more to be done to disrupt music production in favor of the artists, creators and producers of music. Join the conversation, sign up to our mailing list or engage with us on social media to find out what you can do about it.


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