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Unlocking your creativity: the advantages of producing music collaboratively

By Dylan Berg and Edgard Felipe

When it comes to collaboration some musicians love it - seeking out chances wherever they can. While others prefer to maintain complete control over their art. Even if you’re in the latter camp, the truth is that you’ll probably have to collaborate at some point. The internet has made going at it solo easier than ever, but you will need to connect with venues, record companies, and broadcasters to get your music out there.

While the web has made DIY easier, it has also expanded your options for collaboration. No longer do you have to hope that your friends are into the same music as you, waste hours networking with people, or combing through classifieds. Hundreds of people are available at the click of a button, and websites such as Musiversal offer the option of collaborating with people on the other side of the world!

Here are a few reasons you should consider collaboration to help advance your career and unleash your creativity!

It is stimulating and motivating

Collaboration is fun. Is there anything better as a musician than hanging out and jamming with someone else? Bouncing ideas around, offering motivation and pushing each other further are truly the highlights of collaborating. If you feel stuck in a rut in terms of motivation or creativity, there’s nothing quite like the creative spark from someone else to help stimulate you.

You don’t get overwhelmed

Anyone who has ever had a crack at making a career from music knows that there is far more to it than simply writing and making music. You have to compose, arrange, orchestrate, record, edit, mix, master, distribute, market, book concerts, etc. Sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming when you need to do it all by yourself. Splitting the workload ensures you don’t get burnt out.

You can get professionals that will bring their expertise to your creative work

Maybe you are amazing at multitasking and you can do all these tasks on your own. But can you really do them all to a high standard? Can you really play every instrument on a song better than musicians who are specialists? Can you really master your music better than someone who has mastered thousands of tunes? Can you really market yourself better than someone with years of marketing experience? Probably not. Bringing in experts ensures that you are offering a much more professional product.

You can get informative feedback

Your family loves your music and so do the random people on internet forums that you post on. But how often can any of these people provide actual valuable feedback? Of course, there are legitimate experts on the internet, and maybe your family are all musicians as well. However, the most informative feedback you will receive will often be from the people you collaborate with who have a vested interest in you putting out your best work possible. Feedback offered to you by collaborators will help you to see your music from a new perspective.

It helps you build important contacts in the industry

Being successful in the music industry has always been just as much about who you know as how talented you are. Although it can be challenging if you don’t have an outgoing personality, networking is vital to everything from getting booked for gigs to your song being played on the radio. The more people you collaborate with, the greater your web of connections will grow.

You experience working with different people

This is a valuable experience not just for making music, but for life in general. At some stage in your music career you will have to work with other people, so you might as well get used to it. Learning to adjust your workflow to line up better with your collaborators, opening your mind to new ideas, and learning to accept feedback and criticisms are extremely important lessons to learn.

Your music productions get more diverse

Some of the most original and unique music in the world incorporates a diverse range of influences. Ideas don’t come out of thin air, so without a diverse range of influences you can argue that there is no creativity, only sameness. Collaboration is a fantastic way to expose yourself to a greater range of music and inspiration for your own work. Music fans are also drawn to diversity - It’s why we love seeing singers, rappers and bands from different genres link up. Diversity can help prevent your music from becoming stale and it can help push your sound forward, ensuring that your listeners are never bored.

It integrates you with different groups of musicians and listeners

With the rise of cross-genre and border-hopping collaborations in pop music, there is the potential for it to come across as a cynical and inauthentic ploy to win new fans. However, there is no doubt that if executed well it is a great strategy for generating success. Fans and critics love collaborations, with collaborative efforts dominating charts. Plus it is beneficial to both musicians and audiences if it helps introduce them to new favorite artists from genres they may have never heard before.

Musiversal is on a mission to help you unlock your creativity and inspire you to make better music. Keep checking our blog as we will be posting regular articles that help you unleash your best work.


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