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Why working for Musiversal is great for musicians

There is no doubt that making a living as a musician can be tough. While it can appear glamorous from the outside, the lack of opportunities, irregular work and burn out from constantly hustling for jobs is enough to drive anyone crazy.

In some ways, the internet has made things much easier for musicians. It has made it simpler than ever before to connect with other musicians, whether for collaboration or to sell your services. You can also spread your music to a much wider audience and bypass traditional gatekeepers thanks to websites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. However, the difficulty is that because it is more accessible, it has become even more competitive and difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Websites such as Soundbetter and Fiver have enhanced our ability to connect to other musicians. However, they function more or less as digital versions of traditional marketplaces and as such still have many of the same problems. Musicians and producers using these websites to offer their services will still face obstacles such as the age-old issue of the unpredictability of when your next job offer or paycheck will arrive.

This is where Musiversal comes in. While our model greatly benefits composers, producers and anyone else who needs to hire musicians, it is also greatly beneficial to the musicians we hire. Our model is based on shared sessions where we book longer recording sessions which we then divide into shorter slots that are available to our customers.

So why is this beneficial for the musicians playing in the sessions? There are a number of reasons. Our longer recording sessions mean that musicians don’t have to go to the effort of transporting themselves to a studio, only to be there for just 2 hours, as is often the case for session musicians. Also, as we book our sessions a long way in advance, this provides musicians comfort in the knowledge that they have upcoming work and allows them to plan their lives.

As Musiversal grows and offers more and more recording sessions, we will be able to offer increasingly regular work for musicians. We envision reaching a point where we will be able to offer musicians frequent work, especially with the upcoming introduction of solo sessions and other new features. We aim to allow musicians to make a living from just working for Musiversal if they wish, or use us as a very substantial supplement to other projects they may be working on.

Of course, as Musicians ourselves we would never treat musicians poorly. This is why we always pay our musicians fair, market rates in our Lisbon and Prague sessions. In London, we only hire Musicians’ Union players and pay union rates.

While Musiversal’s main goal is to increase the accessibility of remote recording sessions by making them affordable, we couldn’t do this without the musicians we hire for our sessions. They are one of the most crucial elements of the company and our model and this is why we strive to make Musiversal an attractive option for skilled musicians. Yes, being a musician can be tough, but we want to make it easy.

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