Includes services of Transcription and Recording (50-piece Epic Orchestra)

Piece A - 3'10


Piece B - 3'45


This is a complete buyout offer, including all audio and video rights.This also includes a free pass for your video crew to make footage of the session. Alternatively, our crew can make footage with two FHD cameras (one fixed and another moving).




2 Flutes/Piccolo

2 Oboes

2 Clarinets

2 Bassoons

2 Trumpets in Bb

4 French Horns

2 Tenor trombones

1 Bass trombone

1 Tuba

1 Harp

1 Percussionist (timpani, snare drum, suspended cymbal, crash cymbal, triangle, tambourine, woodblock)

8 Violins I

8 Violins II

6 Violas

6 Cellos

3 Double basses

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74 Minute Epic Orchestra Session



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