Please read these guidelines carefully.

The quality of your session is intimately related to the quality of the materials that you send us.

In case of any doubt, get in touch at


1. Submit your score and parts in PDF format:

- A4 or letter size;

- A3 for full scores if there are around 25 or more staves;

- Each part needs to be in a separate PDF.


2. Include these elements in the first page of your score and parts:

- Name of piece;

- Note on whether the score is transposed or concert pitch;

- Duration of the piece(s), as accurate as possible (MM:SS);

- Full names of orchestral instruments for each staff, including the number of players per instrument;

- Do not include your/ any personal name.


3. Include these elements in every page of your score and parts:​

- Name of piece;

- Page number;

- Abbreviated instrument names;


4. Formatting guidelines:

- Bar numbers should be placed on every bar (both on the full score and parts), below the bottom staff;

- Tempo changes must always include a metronomic value (bpm), and should be written in large font, at the top of the score and above the 1st violins;

- Large time signatures should be used whenever there are multiple changes;

- The score must follow the standard instrumental order, by family, generally from highest to lowest pitch (with some exceptions like the horns):

  • Woodwinds

    • Flutes

    • Oboes

    • Clarinets

    • Bassoons

  • Brass

    • Horns

    • Trumpets

    • Trombones

    • Tuba

  • Percussion/Others

    • Timpani

    • Remaining percussion

    • Harp

    • Keyboards

    • Voices

  • Strings

    • Violins I

    • Violins II

    • Violas

    • Cellos

    • Double basses

- You may include a note for the conductor, containing performance information;

- If extended techniques are used, these must be explained in text; 


5. Other files:

- A midi click track or a Pro Tools session with a built-in tempo map must be included whenever there are multiple tempo changes on the score, even if no click is to be used during the recording;

- If your recording includes backing tracks, ensure that the material was recorded using the universal tuning standard, A=440Hz;

- If your backing tracks include a mockup of the instruments that will be recorded by Musiversal, please include them in a separate audio file. E.g: 1 stem of Drum+Bass+Vocals; another separate stem with Mockup Strings;


6. Uploading:

Send all the files in a .ZIP file, strictly until 15 days before your recording date. In case the client is not able to submit the scores until 15 days prior to the recording session, we will automatically push your session back to the next available date and a 50% postponing session fee will apply.


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