The London Quintet 
5 string union players

Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass


Chamber Ensemble
Limited Time & Slots Available
Remote Recording Session Pack
Dedicated Executive Producer

1-hour recording session pack

3-hour recording session pack

Less than €100 per minute of music!

Use your sessions as you go or all at once
  4 x 15 minutes session
    2 x 30 minutes session
One entire 1-hour session


Record up to 6 minutes of music

Less than €100 per minute of music!

Use your sessions as you go or all at once
 3 x 1 hour session
    6 x 30 minutes session
One entire 3-hour session


Record up to 18 minutes of music

Get your music recorded to your taste every time even if session time needs to be exceeded*

Limited time offer that won’t be available again soon!

Offer ends on February 12th

Why is London considered one of the best World’s Music Hub? Check out why with this limited time offer from Musiversal.

Experience your life changing event as a music creator. Record your music in one of the best studios in the world.

We record your session in 48kHz, 24-bit WAV quality.
Receive the recording session files immediately after the session.
We live stream your sessions for audio and video, so that you can listen, watch and comment in real-time. We have a dedicated team which will be in contact with you before, during and after every session.
Adding instruments available on demand. Extra costs apply.

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*In order to enjoy this feature please share the score and parts with one of our Executive Producers before the recording session.

One of Musiversal's Executive Producers will recommend a recording session length to be booked.

Musiversal guarantees complete satisfaction with your recording at no additional cost, even if to achieve it the recommended recording session time needs to be exceeded when in the session.
The pack’s length (3 hours) is valid for the year of 2020.


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