#TellYourStory is about sharing your story with the world and raising awareness for music creators.

How to sign up for #TellYourStory?

Click on the Tell Your Story Button and fill up a quick form and tell your story in a couple of sentences. 


If you’re a musician and have an interesting project and want to share it with the world then sign up to #TellYourStory today!

This campaign helps Music Creators

Be exposed to thousands of people across our social media channels and communities and discover other incredible new artists to be inspired by and collaborate. 


If selected you will get featured on your very own artist page on the Musiversal website. We are building an awesome community of passionate music creators and professionals striving for a common goal. Musiversal will actively promote you across our channels, newsletters, and communities of thousands of people in the music industry. We are working on some exciting new initiatives that will hugely increase your chance of engaging, connecting and collaborating with industry influencers. How’s them apples 😉?

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We at Musiversal really want to get this campaign going so we're giving away €50 coupons that you can use to book a recording session for your music at www.musiversal.com. We will also be announcing a larger giveaway exclusive to #TellYourStory participants.

Sounds Great! What do I do? 

Step 1: Send in your application to the #TellYourStory project.


My name is Keely Denham, I’m a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. After travelling around Europe and the UK I have resided in Porto, Portugal, where I am completing my next EP.
In 2014 I finished my bachelors’ degree in Music and began my quest for a career in the Music industry, not something that is very easy to do especially in Australia. After a few years trying to put out a self-funded EP to break into the industry, I began to realise that maybe my dream was not going to happen in Australia. 
Step 2: Share This Project with your friends and network and let them know. The
more people hear about it, the bigger and stronger our community becomes.
We are going to carefully review and curate each entry. If you are accepted you will hear from us soon! 🌟🙌


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