1. Submit your score and parts in PDF format. A4 or letter size.​


2. Include these elements in each page of your score and parts:​


- Name of piece
- Name of composer (same name you used for your purchase)
- Page Number

- Duration of the piece  


3. Don't forget to include:

- Bar Numbers

- Tempo in bpm
- You may include a note for the conductor, containing performance information only.
- Scores containing thank you notes and other non-essential information may be sent back for revision.​


4. Please include Click Track and Tempo Map if you have more than 1 tempo change. You can also send us a Pro Tools Session. Please upload your sheet music respecting the standard order of the instruments: http://trevorbaronmusic.com/orchestral-score-order 

5. Send us all the files in .ZIP, strictly until 15 days before your recording date. In case the composer is not able to submit the scores until 15 days prior the recording session we will automatically push your session back to the next available date and a 50% postponing session fee will apply. Ex: Recording Date: 20th May - Deadline Date: 5th May.


6. Musiversal's Terms and Conditions: here.


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