Advancing music creator's careers

We make our decisions and have our ideas with our mission in mind. If we think a particular idea might advance composers' and music creator's careers we will consider it and try to bring to life.


Working with the world's top artists helps you

A part of our mission is to connect our users/clients with some of the world's top artists and musicians and facilitate collaboration. We want to expose hidden talents, push careers forward not to mention that it's a really cool thing to do. Who doesn't want to be cool?

Recording and producing your music

We believe that in order to become a top professional and getting recognition for your music, a critical step is to collaborate with others, namely getting other people to help you play and produce your music. It's not just our opinion, for hundreds of years music has been a collaborative art and with the development of DAWs and VST's collaboration and adding something different and special to your music has become even more crucial as composers try to distinguish themselves from others in an overcrowded landscape.

Working with great musicians make you a better professional

We believe that talent is native and that education will bring composers the skills to articulate their talent. However, in order to make your music really sound like it's meant to be it's necessary to have the resources to produce and hire others to help and play your music. This requires an investment that can be very expensive many creators can't afford. We're here to make it affordable.



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