Terms of use

Effective date: January 21, 2021

1. Acceptance of musiversal's Terms
All services provided by musiversal and/ or booked at musiversal.com or app.musiversal.com fall under musiversal's Terms of Use. Therefore, upon booking a session, the client, hereafter referred to as “you” / ”your”, is agreeing with musiversal's Terms of Use described below.

2. General Terms
The general terms apply to all services provided by musiversal.

2.1. Streaming
All musiversal shared recording sessions have audio and video live-streaming. We do, however, always prioritize the audio streaming over the video streaming. Meaning that, due to the nature of the material, video has a bigger delay than audio. The current solution in the best streaming services available around the world, is to delay the audio to match the video's lag. In our case, to be able to get instant feedback from the composer to our music producers and maestros, we choose not to delay the audio. Delaying the audio would make it look better, but it would also disrupt the recording with long pauses between takes, waiting for the streaming to go through. Either way, musiversal will always prioritize the recording of the music over the live-streaming feeds (audio and/ or video).

2.2. Audio rights ownership
You keep ownership of all your rights. Both copyright and recording rights are yours perpetually and worldwide. All musiversal recordings are 100% buyouts.
musiversal reserves the right to use all musiversal recordings as data to train our music creation algorithm to improve the quality of all our final products.

2.3. Commercial audio usage
You have permission to use the recordings delivered by musiversal for commercial purposes without paying additional fees or royalties.

2.4.1. Syncing audio with images (orchestral sessions)
The recordings delivered by musiversal are cleared for syncing with images except for the recording sessions which are held in the UK territory, which are cleared for audio commercial release only. If you wish to use the music you recorded in London for image-syncing please get in touch with us at hello@musiversal.com.

2.5. Credits
Crediting musiversal recording services is encouraged and preferred, yet it is optional. In the case of music department credits such as in the film industry, musiversal may be credited according to industry standards. Social media crediting is always encouraged. Multiple ways of crediting musiversal are accepted, including, but not limited to:
- Music Production by musiversal
- Music Recordings by musiversal
- Music Recorded by musiversal
- Strings by musiversal
- Orchestra by musiversal

Ruth Royall may not be named in any publicly released song title, i.e. "Song Name feat. Ruth Royall", unless you have the explicit permission from her record label. Ruth may be credited as a musiversal session musician as usual.

When you share on social media, we kindly request you to tag our social media handles.
We really want to see, like, comment, share and support your great work!
Social handles:
- Facebook: wearemusiversal
- Instagram: wearemusiversal
- YouTube: musiversal (tag during video uploading, on “Video tags”)
- Twitter: wearemusiversal
- LinkedIn: musiversal
- TikTok: wearemusiversal
- Soundcloud: wearemusiversal
- Reddit: u/musiversal

2.6. Mixing and mastering service (post-production) revisions
If you would like musiversal’s engineers to make revisions or changes to the editing, mixing or mastering delivered, you must contact musiversal by email within 7 days from the first delivery date. After this period every delivery will be considered accepted.

2.7. Refund policy (orchestra sessions only)
We are proud of our products and services. This is why we offer a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made on our website. We guarantee a full refund whenever the outcome of a recording session does not meet High Quality standards as defined by the following criteria:
a) Failure to record one or more orchestral parts. The acceptable amount of parts is limited to one per instrument group. E.g.: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, etc;
b) The musicians couldn't fix a problem which didn’t came from the sheet music/ scoring;
c) There are distortions on a wav file of a tracked instrument;

If any of the above is proved true, you are eligible for a full reimbursement. The money will be refunded to the original payment method you’ve used at checkout. For credit card payments it may take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement.
In case of refund, we withdraw your rights to use the recordings done by musiversal.

2.8. Use of reviews
We hold the right of publishing clients' reviews and feedback of our services on our website and other communication media.

2.9. musiversal right
musiversal reserves the right to use its recordings for promotional purposes.

2.10. Technical requirements
These are the minimum technical requirements that you must consider having in your station(s), in order to receive the video and audio live-streams as prepared by our technical team:
Internet connection speed - Download 8mb/s
Processor - Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)
RAM - 4Gb

3. Orchestral Services Terms (Orchestral Sessions only)

3.1. Booking date and time
The dates and times shown on our website are planned dates, which may be changed with prior notice. In such an event, all music is to be recorded at the next available recording session and you will be notified at the earliest convenience.

3.2. Planned sessions
If a session does not reach a minimum of 50% booking capacity, musiversal reserves the right to postpone it until demand is sufficient to book a new session.

3.3. Booked session validity
All sessions have 6 months validity, starting from the date of booking. If you are not able to schedule your recording sessions within 6 months, your booking will be changed from a product-specific booking into a voucher with value of the original booking that is eligible to use for any available musiversal product.
The reason for this term is that our orchestras, musicians and other music partners change, increase prices etc.

3.4. Booking postponing cost
After making a booking, you can request musiversal to postpone your session to a later time at no additional cost if the recording session date hasn't been announced by musiversal via email. If you wish to postpone your session to a later date by notifying musiversal after the announcement of the date of your session, a rescheduling cost equivalent to 100% of the amount of the session cost applies.

3.5. Score submissions
You must submit your scores at least 15 days before your recording session. If you are not able to submit the scores by then, musiversal will schedule your recording session to the next available date and a 50% postponing session fee will apply.

3.6. Score review
musiversal asks composers to submit the scores at least 15 days before the recording date in order to give our conductor time to review all the pieces that we will record. If any issues come up during the review process, we will have time to contact the composer to make any necessary changes. Note that if your orchestration is not well written, it will affect the recording outcome and it may not sound like VST or computer generated music.

3.7. Transcription and orchestration services
In the event that your booking includes the transcription, orchestration, arrangement or original composition of music, musiversal reserves the right to inform you of the deadline of the estimated delivery date of the services. Such information must be shared by musiversal prior to the booking if requested by you.

3.8. Recording ratios
In the pre-booking form, we’ll ask for you to tell us about your piece of music, to upload any files and scores you may have, and whether you’re able to write the scores yourself or if you need our help.
Once you’ve submitted the form, one of our executive producers will be in touch with you within 3 business days, to advise you on the most appropriate recording time to match the length and complexity of your music.
Based on historical averages, we also have a guideline below to express the typical relationship between the length of your piece of music and recording time required:

Budapest Strings and Prague Orchestra:
To record up to 1 minute of music, book a 12-minute session.
To record up to 2:30 minutes of music, book a 24-minute session.
To record up to 4 minutes of music, book a 36-minute session.
To record up to 5 minutes of music, book a 48-minute session.
To record up to 6 minutes of music, book a 1-hour session.
To record up to 12 minutes of music, book a 2-hour session.
To record up to 18 minutes of music, book a 3-hour session.
To record up to 24 minutes of music, book a 4-hour session.

Prague Strings:
To record up to 1 minute of music, book a 8-minute session.
To record up to 2 minutes of music, book a 15-minute session.
To record up to 3 minutes of music, book a 22-minute session.
To record up to 4 minutes of music, book a 29-minute session.
To record up to 5 minutes of music, book a 36-minute session.
To record up to 6 minutes of music, book a 42-minute session.
To record up to 8 minutes of music, book a 1-hour session.
To record up to 16 minutes of music, book a 2-hour session.
To record up to 25 minutes of music, book a 3-hour session.
To record up to 33 minutes of music, book a 4-hour session.​

London Strings:
To record up to 1 minute of music, book a 14-minute session.
To record up to 2 minutes of music, book a 21-minute session.
To record up to 3 minutes of music, book a 28-minute session.
To record up to 5 minutes of music, book a 42-minute session.
To record up to 6 minutes of music, book a 1-hour session.

These time settings are not linear. They are subject to change depending on the difficulty of each piece. If we find that your piece requires more recording time due to hard passages, or if you have not booked enough session time, we will hold your recording until enough recording time is booked. You can also email us, and we will advise you on the most adequate recording time.

3.9. Overdubbing
You can record overdubs in all of our recording sessions. For UK based sessions, a 200% of the whole session fee is applied for each overdub. For non-UK sessions, a 100% of your session fee applies for each overdub.

3.10. Physical recording session attendance
musiversal’s sessions are held remotely. However, for orchestral recording session bookings longer than 1 hour, musiversal accepts and welcomes your physical attendance in the recording session. We welcome you to the studio and into the control room where you can speak to the producer and the engineer. You will also be able to talk with the conductor and the musicians, keeping in mind the focus of the session, which is to deliver a high quality recording. Each recording session shorter than 1 hour can only be attended remotely.

3.11. Files handling
After the recording session we run a quality control on every session file. Only after then will we send the audio files and Pro Tools session to your email. This will be no later than 3 business days after the recording session (considering local bank holidays).

3.12. Cancellation of orchestral session
We offer a full refund for cancellation requests up to 14 days after purchase, on purchases done under TBD date agreements (E.g.: March TBD). We also offer full refund to purchases done under announced dates (E.g.: March 17th) when a booking has been done more than 30 days before the session (E.g: a purchase done before February 17th). If you purchase your session with an announced recording date (E.g.: March 17th) which is less than 30 days away from the time of purchase, you are not eligible for a cancellation refund.

3.13. Session time
Based on your scores, an executive producer will advise you on the optimal session length to book. It is not always the case that the allocated session length perfectly matches the time required to record your song. Therefore, we have a number of terms in place:

3.13.1. If a completely satisfactory result is achieved before the total time has elapsed, musiversal reserves the right to conclude the client’s session.
3.13.2. If the time booked by the client, as per musiversal’s recommendation, is elapsed during the recording session before the music has been fully recorded with a completely satisfactory result, musiversal guarantees that it will either extend the client’s recording session for the necessary time required to achieve a completely satisfactory result, or, if that is impossible on the day due to logistics, musiversal will repeat the entire recording session on the soonest available date. If the client is digitally present at the live-streaming, musiversal’s producer will ask the client which option is preferred, if both are possible. If the client is not digitally present at the live-streaming, musiversal will decide on which option to execute.
3.13.3. Extending the recording time during the recording session beyond the time that was initially booked will cost €30 per minute, which will be billed to the client before the delivery of the recording session files.
3.13.4. If the client booked a recording session length according to musiversal’s recommendation, and it was deemed unnecessarily long during the recording session, then musiversal will refund the client a monetary amount corresponding to the recording session time that was not used.
It’s understood in musiversal’s terms of use that ‘unnecessary booked time’ is all the time that exceeds 8 minutes after all the music that was intended to be recorded within the session has been completed, and a satisfactory result has been achieved - which is agreed by both the client and musiversal.

4. Subscription Services Terms - Remote Sessions

4.1. musiversal’s Subscription
musiversal’s subscription is a subscription service that allows users to make a monthly payment in exchange for the provision of music recording services using remote communication including live video and audio technologies, with the goal of providing the user with an audio file or collection of audio files as the result of each recording session that is booked and is executed. musiversal has the right to change the terms, including price and free trial duration at any time without notice.

4.2. Payments
Upon subscribing to musiversal’s subscription you are agreeing to paying an automatically renewable monthly recurring payment of $99, $199 or $599 to musiversal, depending on the pricing tier chosen by you on sign-up (subscription registration); paid at the moment of subscription and relative to the subsequent 28, 29, 30 or 31 days depending on the month.
If you subscribed enjoying a free trial period you will be charged at the beginning of the first day after the free trial period. musiversal accepts credit cards, debit cards enabled for online purchases and PayPal and uses Wix payments and/or Stripe and/or PayPal to collect payments.
musiversal may offer discounted subscriptions, still subject to variation according to clause 4.1.

4.3. Information about your track
On the website booking screen, and also in your booking confirmation email, you will receive a link to add your session information and track files. This only takes a few minutes to complete, and we will ask you information including your track's BPM, bit depth, sample rate, an optional link to a reference track, a link for you to upload your music score and/or DAW session and finally any other additional details you may wish the artist to know. For every new track you start working on, or if you have any additional updates to your existing track (e.g. a different instrument-specific reference track), then you must submit this information at least 24 hours before the session.

4.4. Files handling
We’ll send you stems of every recorded take in WAV or AIFF format (whichever you prefer). You'll receive all of your files directly to your email inbox, via Google Drive, no later than 24 hours after your session.

4.5. Live-streaming recording
musiversal will automatically record all sessions on Zoom and the recordings will consist of video and audio from both the musician and the client, but excluding the audio output which contains the music audio signal. The resultant recording will include the video stream and audio, limited to the client’s and the musician’s voice, and nonmusical sounds.

4.6. Cancellation of remote session
You can cancel upcoming sessions in your account area, under “My Sessions”. You will only be able to cancel sessions more than 48 hours in advance. If your session is not canceled within 48 hours before the session, we will assume that your session is going ahead with the musician, and in case of a no-show the musician will carry out the recording in your absence.
musiversal reserves the right of cancelling a remote session to which the client hasn’t submitted the materials up to 24h in advance as well as for other logistical reasons, without previous notice.

4.7. Cancellation of subscription
musiversal reserves the right to cancel or not renew your subscription at any time upon email notice.
If you wish to cancel your subscription you can request so to support@musiversal.com.
If you cancel your membership during the regular monthly billing period, you will not be charged for the new billing period. Your subscription will still be valid until the end of your monthly subscription period. That means your upcoming sessions will still be valid, and you can still book new sessions until the end of your subscription month. After your subscription month expires, you will no longer be able to book recording sessions and any sessions scheduled beyond your subscription end date will be cancelled.

4.8. Account delinquency
musiversal reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time if the account has overdue payments.

4.9. Musician availability
Upon subscribing to musiversal’s subscription you acknowledge and agree that musiversal’s musicians have a set availability and might be unavailable on certain schedules or dates.

4.10. Unfair use
musiversal’s subscription service includes unlimited recording sessions. However, musiversal reserves the right to terminate your subscription in specific situations:
- In case multiple sessions are booked to perform the same work or to make revisions or to an unreasonable extent.
- In case of more than 5 sessions booked at any given time, musiversal has the right to cancel any excess sessions or suspend or terminate your account should this be a recurrent behaviour.
- In case multiple sessions are booked to produce a project or an array of projects whose scale and number of required sessions surpass what is a reasonable usage.

4.11. Prohibited and mandatory practices
Upon subscribing to musiversal’s subscription you are agreeing to the following terms:
- Your account is for your personal use only. Sharing your subscription account with third parties is strictly prohibited and will result in having the user permanently banned as well as the physical person that owns the account.
- musiversal’s musicians are required to maintain professionalism and working politeness during recording sessions. You must not insult, threaten, blackmail or harass musiversal’s musicians during live sessions. In the event that happens, the user will be permanently banned as well as the physical person that owns the account.

5. Golden Record

5.1 Availability
Every musiversal® Studio subscriber is granted one Golden Record. This is not granted automatically upon subscribing. Instead, Golden Records will be granted at a time and date deemed appropriate by the company.

5.2 Usability
With a Golden Record, subscribers can grant a friend instant access to the musiversal® Studio, bypassing the waitlist.
Only one Golden Record is gifted to a subscriber. Therefore, once the Golden Record has been redeemed by the recipient and used to get access to the musiversal® Studio, the giver will no longer have any more Golden Records to share.
The Golden Record can not be sold.
The Golden Record can not be activated by the same individual, under a different name or email address.
The recipient of the Golden Record must subscribe to the musiversal® Studio under our normal Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR)


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